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Statement of Behaviour Principles


Our Mission statement is the foundation of all that we seek to do and promote as a School Community: “Based on Gospel values through the love and forgiveness of Christ and the teachings of the Church, we seek to inspire and facilitate the learning and development of every child and member of our community. The vision for our school community is that we will inspire and nurture spiritual, physical, intellectual, religious, emotional and social development through the love of Christ.”

* Staff should always seek to promote positive behaviour through praise, encouragement, rewards and the development of self-esteem, on the assumption that children are inherently good and desire to be sociable members of our school community.

* Staff should encourage pupils to develop self-discipline as they are guided in making right choices independently and understanding the consequences of their actions, responding to the specific needs of each pupil.

* Respect for the individual is paramount.

* Staff have powers to restrain and discipline pupils when necessary and appropriate, but always and only within the principles of our Mission statement.

* Governors have a duty of pastoral care for the Headteacher and Staff.

* Allegations of misconduct or abuse against staff are managed sensitively and always in accordance with determined procedures.

* Associated school policies should be adhered to in respect of Staff Conduct, Safeguarding, Health and Safety and Behaviour.


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