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Pupil Premium

On this page you can find information on how we spent our Pupil Premium.




Total number of pupils on roll: 251

Total number of pupils eligible for PPG: 31                                                             

Total amount of PPG received: £41,180

This document shows where our Pupil Premium Grant is being allocated for the financial year 2017-18; it is regularly reviewed and updated by the senior leadership team and Governing Body.





Funding used to release Year 6 specialist teacher to lead small group interventions in English, maths and Grammar.



To target the children who have the greatest gaps, address misconceptions and ensure accelerated progress.


To ensure the more able children made expected progress and achieved high levels of attainment.


100% of disadvantaged children reached the expected standard in Reading and Writing.


50% achieved greater depth in Grammar.


4 out of 5 disadvantaged pupils reached the expected standard in Maths.


Other vulnerable groups also benefited from these interventions.


Progression teacher led tutoring in English and maths with particular focus on reading.


To target the children who have the greatest gaps, address misconceptions and ensure accelerated progress.


50% of disadvantaged children increased their reading age by more than 12 months.

12.5% increased their reading age by more than 9 months.



KS1 Phonics interventions – extra support to allow for small targeted groups.


To consolidate and reinforce learning.


To support children who did not meet the required level in the Y1 phonics check or Y2 retake.


To support children who needed reinforcement of EYFS phonics.


93% of pupils in year 1 made progress with their reading this year.


Disadvantaged pupils were able to access phonics at their stage with 100% making progress across the year.


KS1 SATS week support


To support small groups taking SATS.



This allowed children extra time and space to complete SATS work and access breaks when needed.




Nurture Group/worry Busters to support pupils dealing with anxiety.




To improve self-esteem and coping skills.

To improve communication skills

To develop friendship group


Pupils were very positive about attending the group.  All pupils continued to attend the group for all the sessions.  All pupils took part in the activities. All pupils completed questionnaires at the end and 90% said they felt more confident, it had helped them with their worries and 100% said the group was brilliant!


Family Support Keyworker



To give support to

Targeted children and their families dealing with a range of issues, such as anxiety, loss, friendship, that may affect learning ability.


Improvement in:

- Attendance

- Partnership between home and school

- Behaviour

- Attitudes to learning

- Progress

Parents all reported that it was a positive experience and would recommend to others.  All parents felt they had been given relevant advice and strategies to try at home.




To give support to targeted children who present with a range of emotional issues.

To give children an opportunity to express their feelings and emotions, this lessens anxiety and increases self-esteem.

As a result of the time allowed to offload, academic abilities increase as space is freed up for learning.


Pupils are feel safer and happier coming to school, improved behaviour and attitude.


Anti- Bullying Workshop The B Word


To support children who display disruptive or challenging behaviour

To support children who are at risk of being bullied and need to build resilience.

Behaviour improved significantly. The number of incidents or time out decreased. Children were more able to focus and better attitudes to learning developed for all learners. Self-esteem was significantly raised.


Funding Before and After School Clubs/PGL/LAC activities



To support timely arrival in class. To provide time for quality play with a range of planned activities, both before and after school.

To allow equal access to residential trips.

In addition to provide school uniform where needed.

Attendance and punctuality are improved.


Self -esteem improved and peer relationships as children are able to attend school trips.

Children had opportunities to engage in new activities and develop new skills. 

Resources  and equipment with a focus on SEND



To develop the Nurture retreat as a safe space to include a sensory learning environment.



Children learn more effectively and learning difficulties are identified and addressed.

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