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Our Curriculum


Based on Gospel values through the love and forgiveness of Christ and the teachings of the Church, we seek to inspire and facilitate the learning and development of every child and member of our community.


We offer a carefully structured, broad and balanced curriculum which keeps an appropriate focus on the core subjects of RE, English, maths and science whilst also ensuring that all children benefit from a rich and diverse range of topics.


Centred around our Mission Statement and Vision, our curriculum is designed so that our children develop to their full potential in all aspects of their learning and personal development.

Our curriculum is clearly structured to ensure every child is developing their core skills, experiencing a broad and rich curriculum and do so alongside building excellent personal, social and emotional skills. 

The school builds experiences which will develop children’s skills and knowledge in all areas of learning incorporating the academic, physical, artistic, linguistic, scientific and technological. Our local context of Bexhill-on-Sea provides a rich, coastal environment from which our children can develop their learning further.

Curriculum Drivers

We have three drivers that shape our curriculum.  These drivers reflect the needs of our children and the values of our school. These are set out below:

Global Community - we want our children to grow up loving our world, feeling a valuable part of it and knowing that they have a contribution to make.

Through learning about the world, we want them to understand their role in society and develop respect towards the environment, communities and religions by:

  • Noting cultural awareness and celebrating diversity
  • Participation in the local and global community and being a beacon for others
  • Utilising our local area
  • Nurturing environmental awareness
  • Relating learning to real-life context
  • Investigating the impact of the important individuals in our world
  • Using technology and connectivity

Spirituality - we are creating an atmosphere for Spiritual growth at the centre of all teaching. Children are encouraged to:

  • Pray, reflect, contemplate and make links with their daily life and gospel values and in doing so develop a relationship with God
  • Look inwards to think about that own beliefs, values, hopes, dreams, feelings, ideas and aspirations
  • Look outwards, to reflect on and appreciate the natural world, the environment and human achievement
  • Develop a sense of awe and wonder
  • Develop a sense of responsibility towards others and in which we live

Equipped for life - We understand the importance of preparing children for their future.  We recognise the importance of making connections. We support our children in becoming confident readers and  develop a growth mindset so that they can:

  • Become life-long readers who read for pleasure
  • Develop a rich and varied vocabulary so that they can communicate well Develop resilience, perseverance and open to challenge
  • See mistakes as the launchpad for new learning
  • Discover and develop individual talents and skills
  • Have the confidence to take risks and explore possibilities
  • Have high aspirations for their future.
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