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Who works with us 2017-2018

Reception Class - Starfish

Mr Allery

Mrs Castle


Year 1 - Dolphin

Miss Jassim

Mrs Robinson

Mrs Standen

Year 2 - Seahorse

Mrs Brennan

Mrs Palmer (PM)

Miss Campbell

Mrs Ingram (AM)

Year 3 - Turtles

Miss Allistone

Miss Sheppard

Miss  Moyse (INA)

Year 4/5 - Owls

Mrs Levett (Monday - Wednesday)

Mrs Andrews (Thursday & Friday AM)

Mrs Palmer (Thursday & Friday PM)

Miss Hambleton 

Year 4/5 - Penguins

Miss Gibbons

Miss Potter

Year 4/5 - Toucans

Miss Bell

Mrs MacDonald 

Mrs Ingram (PM)

Year 6 - Eagles

Mrs Thomas

Mrs Nichols

Mrs Davis

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