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Dear Parents /carers,

I would like to begin by saying that it is with great sadness but much gratitude that we say thank you and good bye to our PTFA chair- Siobhan Moyse, our PTFA treasurer- Adele Mathews and our secretary – Gill Dyer. They have given 4 years of dedicated voluntary service to our school and organised numerous events to raise funds for the pupils of St Mary Magdalene.

All of your children have benefited from their hard work and dedication. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents/carers who have joined the committee and helped with various fundraising events. The PTFA fundraising events have many thousands of pounds every year. The benefits to the children include: Educational workshops, Christmas shows, Christmas Fayre, Easter Egg Hunt, Movie nights, discos, Maths and Literacy resources, a sound system, P.E sports kits and equipment and year 6 sweat shirts. The list could go on!

It is because of the wonderful impact such events and resources has on the experiences and education of all your children, that I am desperately urging parents/carers/grandparents to come forward and form a new PFTA committee.

Last week you were all invited to our Parent, Teacher and Friends Association (PTFA) Annual General Meeting (AGM).  Unfortunately only 4 parents attended. This included Siobhan Moyse , Adele Mathews  and Gill Dyer who all stepping down this year. We are delighted that Hannah Bulled has stepped forward to be our new treasurer. Unfortunately it is not possible to continue without more members- which must include a Chair and a Secretary. Siobhan Moyse has expressed to me that she is happy to guide and support the new chair this year.  

At present, there is no Christmas Fayre planned because there is not a PTFA.  If nobody steps forward, all the wonderful events and experiences mentions above will not be able to take place, not to mention the extra resources which have benefited the children up to now.

Please contact the school office if you are willing to help save our PTFA.

Yours sincerely,

Siobhan Andrews

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