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The Catholic Diocese of Arundel & Brighton

Aims Of The Diocesan Education Service

Bishops have extensive obligations and rights in relation to Catholic schooling in order to ensure the Catholic ethos and character of any school in the Diocese. In Arundel and Brighton, the Bishop's obligations and rights (see the section on Catholic Education, Trust Deed and Canon Law) are carried out through the Diocesan Education Service.

The task of Catholic education is formation, mission and service. Catholic schools fulfil their mission by offering opportunities to engage in dialogue with others in a spirit of collaboration, so that students can come to a deeper understanding of themselves, others and God, and find meaning and purpose in their lives. It is the mission and privilege of the Diocesan Education Service to lead and serve schools in their evangelising and educational ministry.

The diocesan Education Service aims to provide professional support to the schools of the Diocese through:
‍- the provision of quality information, training, advice and guidance to Headteachers, Governors, Clergy and Parents
- working closely with Headteachers, Governors and Academy Trusts to develop policies and services that reflect schools' real needs
- maintaining effective partnerships with other dioceses, the CES and Local Authorities
- helping schools to recruit and retain Senior Leaders, Teachers and Governors
- helping schools to monitor and develop their Religious Education provision
- supporting schools in difficulty
- supporting newly appointed Headteachers by induction and mentoring
- providing a 'Catholic School Inspection’ inspection service
- encouraging productive collaboration between schools, parishes and diocesan agencies

Education Service Mission Statement

Placing Christ at the centre and empowered by the Spirit, we lead, guide, serve and support our family of schools in the name of the Bishop. Inspired by the Gospel, we endeavour to be the visible face of Christ, leading and serving in partnership with all members of our school communities: children, staff, governors, parents and clergy. Empowered by the Spirit, we aspire to be the best we can, promoting the common good and securing the long-term future of Catholic education.

Summary of Education Service Strategic Development Plan

The Strategic Development Plan 2020-2023 sets our goals and objectives for the next three years, along with the strategies we will implement in striving to achieve these. Since everything flows from the Word who is Life, the key diocesan tenets of prayer, formation and mission form the backbone of our strategic development plan. Our plan is also deliberately and inextricably linked to our Mission Statement and is underpinned by the principle that “With Christ at the centre, we lead and serve in partnership to secure the long-term future of Catholic education.”

The Diocesan Education Service is committed to offering schools the most effective guidance, leadership, advice, support and challenge. We are committed to supporting schools to offer rich, faith-filled, deep and varied learning experiences that support the development of the whole child. We aim to assist schools to build teaching and learning in communities of professionals who increasingly share system responsibility for school improvement and for achieving the best outcome for our students.

Our vision for Catholic education in Arundel and Brighton is one of a quest for excellence in all areas, as an integral part of the spiritual quest to know and love God. Education is primarily about “human flourishing” and concerned with the development of the whole person. It “not only enhances the dignity of the individual, in the long term it promotes the common good in society and in the world-wide human community” (from The Common Good in Education, Catholic Education Service, 1996, P7). In the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton, our vision is that through an excellent Catholic education, with Christ at the centre and founded on the principle of partnership and community, each individual’s God-given potential is drawn out (e-ducere). Guided by the Word who is Life, we are committed to enabling each individual to know God, grow in faith and understanding, go out as disciples, and show prayerful faith through service to others.

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